about me

i started this blog in april of 2002 as a way of capturing my struggles, triumphs, and random thoughts and ideas. i've grown and changed a lot in so many ways since that time, but there are still common threads to my stories. i've known real pain and heartache. i've struggled to climb the same hill, over and over. i've felt deeply and understood divine love and yet have failed to understand, even still.

here are some of the things that bring me joy, in no particular order:

a smart turn-of-phrase
cool breezes
long drives in the sunshine
cooking something delicious
movies that get down to the heart of things
songs that ooze poetry
kitchen stores
the beach
the mountains
my best friend
laughing until tears roll
a good haircut
ice water
helping other people, particularly those who will never know my name
clean sheets
sunday breakfast
my jetta
luxurious naps
the laughter of babies
huge kitchens with stainless appliances
feeling God's presence
the colors red and purple
the baltimore ravens
my underdog city
the next chapter