Wednesday, April 17, 2013

neurotransmitters FTW!

some days, i'm just thankful to be alive to see some sort of resolution come to fruition. i mean, really. do you know how many loose ends are lying all over God's creation just waiting to be tied? it's staggering.

the last couple of days have been particularly stressful due to some conversation hanging in limbo and making me CRAZY. crazy, do you hear me? i do not do well with periods of radio silence or failure to come through and return a call. it does not sit easily in my little ocd heart and mind. no, instead i obsess and require myself to take melatonin (or something stronger, if need be) in order to sleep at night.

and speaking of melatonin, other than the fact that it gives me incredibly strange, almost hallucinogenic dreams, can i just say that i love how calm it makes me? how perfectly relaxed and carefree about most anything? as soon as a stressful thought enters into my mind, my brain will literally instruct me not to think about it, and i just drift peacefully off to sleep. brilliant! oh, how i wish i had thought of these little magic pills. i would be SO rich right about now!

and speaking of those beautiful little tablets, i'm going to take one post haste and drive myself straight to wacked-out dreamland. goodnight, internets!


Kati Woronka said...

so it's true about the dreams?! Oh no I thought it was just coincidence when I had crazy dreams and took melatonin. I may prefer jet lag after all. :(

sarah said...

kati, it is true, but it's different for everyone. sometimes they're just VERY vivid, whereas my friend had nightmares on it. i don't mind the dreams, because the sleep is delicious!

Kati Woronka said...

actually the dreams weren't bad. They might have even been rather pleasant! But still... mind alteration kinda gives me the heebie jeebies. Oh well. The poor people who get nightmares!!!