Saturday, March 24, 2012

cold showers: not just for the lust-ridden anymore

apparently here in charm city, we skipped winter and spring and went straight for 'how the hell did it get this hot?' we're over-achievers like that, i guess.

this time of year, i look forward to the slightly warmer days and cool nights. the breeze tends to blow, making me feel like anything is possible, even for me. this year? notsomuch.

instead we've had haze, fog, humidity, temps in the upper 70s to mid-80s, and for me—a girl without a/c until her building decides to fork it over—that has meant a lot of guzzling ice water, eating creamsicles, and taking showers with barely any hot water mixed in. y'all, i don't love heat, and i feel that it doesn't love me either.

all of this lack of control over my surrounding temps has made me want to move out of this apartment and into someplace that gives me dominion over my climate. yes, that's what i need: full control!!

i wish i could say that my less-than-hot bath water was because i was all ruffled under the collar, but no. this is a dose of heat and hot without any sizzle and burn to accompany it.

boo! hiss!

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