Wednesday, December 07, 2011

sisters are doing it for themselves

okay, so you know those people who giggle at everything? you know, the ones who are always laughing loudly in movies...who could make up their own personal laugh track because everything to them is just that funny?

okay, well, that's not me.

not that i don't find things funny. because believe me, i do. but most of what strikes me as hilarious are random moments, a turn of phrase, a bit of witty repartee, you get the drill. well, at least that's the case until i get in a room with my bff and her two sisters (who i love like they were my own—and really, they are). if there are things that will get me laughing in a HOT minute, it's time spent with those three. it's not PC. it usually involves made-up words. there are often cocktails involved and tales of conquests and random foolhardy behavior. but oh, do my abs get a workout from all the cackling. seriously, people, the shenanigans? legendary.

now if i were feeling particularly inclined, i could post a number of home-shot videos from my camera of african dance routines; weird talking in random accents; skits made up almost on the spot; games of taboo; the adventures of kim jong il, pocahontas, and captain john smith (this was thanksgiving 2010); our easter 'pageant'; and the list goes on and on....

oh, and then there's the first time that the younger sister met my ex-boyfriend. she proceeded to have a laughing fit (and once c. is laughing, there's no turning back for anyone else in the room), began snorting, threw herself on the floor, and started convulsing while yelling 'i can't feel my legs! i can't feel my legs!'

and then there's the situation commonly known as 'THE' trip to mcdonald's that involved the phrase 'we ain't got no quarter meat' and had the same younger sister howling and wheezing in the back seat, snorting and carrying on so loudly that i could barely keep it together at the window. i mean, let's just say you had to be there, but i'm telling will NOT be able to keep a straight face when two or more of us are gathered in one place.

did i mention? shenanigans.

but the best part about the four of us when we're together is that we all just get to be ourselves and say what's on our minds. and i'm sorry, but the stuff coming out of our mouths is just FUNNY. and i can't find a thing wrong with that any day of the week:).

and girls? if any of you are reading this, y'all are my favorite silly hearts. thanks for adopting me into your brood.


Who or what makes you laugh so hard that milk shoots out of your nose and why? Slapstick, dry witty comedy, your kids, Monty Python?—courtesy of Kassie


Anonymous said...

This post made me LOL for real! With each line I had a fond memory of our fun discussions and debates over cocktails. And my stomach hurts as I laugh at the thought of the younger C's unruly snorts and kicks..."I can't feel my legs!"

We love you too; let's all get together soon!

- The older C

Kassie said...

Just the word shenanigans makes me laugh!

Anonymous said...

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