Saturday, December 31, 2011

ringing out, ringing in....

so my attempts at writing every day in december fell flat on their collective face; HOWEVER, i'm proud of myself for even trying...and isn't that all that really matters?

it's an hour and ten minutes from the new year and i'm so damn thankful to say goodbye to 2011. this year, while a blessing in the sense that it was another 365 days around the sun that i spent above ground, was taxing, tiring, tremendously tense, and a few other 't' words i can't think of just now. i need a new frame of reference, and i'm hoping 2012 can be just the change i'm in the market for.

while i can't recap most of what was difficult for me this year (this is a public blog, after all), let's just say that i'm glad i ended it with my best friend in the world. we spent the day just as girlfriends should: brunching, shopping, laughing our asses off, singing random songs, driving around town, watching movies, talking about men-people, and just getting to enjoy each other's company. i am so thankful that regardless of what kind of madness comes my way, i have someone in my life who's always on my side, always got my back, always the keeper of the things i hold dear. there is nothing in all the world like a true friend...and i'm just so fortunate to have a few to call my own.

in the coming year, i want to dig deeper into my relationships (the ones i've had to shelve for the sake of my busy-ness), pursue my creative leanings, make more time for true rest (not the counterfeit version i've been trying on for size), drink more water, eat better, and turn off the devices a bit more often. i want to carve out a new path for that means me getting to be happy and to live some of the dreams i'm still holding out for 'someday.' someday is now. someday is 2012. day one starts in an hour, and how shall i spend it?

first, i intend to get up at a reasonable hour. then, i'm going to go see my favorite almost-one-year-old and his phenomenal parents. i'm going to soak in the love of people i hold dear to me. and then i will get out all my pent-up aggression while watching my favorite football team kick the collective bee-hind of the cincinnati bengals (Lord, let it be so). i will have madcap fun with my bff. i will think positive thoughts and make grandiose plans. i will not regret one moment.

and then the next day, and the day after that, i will make every effort to taste the sweetness of what is in front of me. this past year may have left a bad taste in my mouth, but the coming year will be delicious. i just know it....

[note: if you've intentionally or unintentionally found your way here—and whether you know me personally or not—my hope for YOU is that 2012 brings you all the joy and laughter and love your heart can hold. may you be overwhelmed by all that is good and lovely in this world of ours. and then may you share that goodness and loveliness with someone next to you who needs a little of it. happy new year. today and every day.]

today's prompt: what is your "one word"? One word for this year, one word for next year—courtesy of Amy.


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