Tuesday, December 06, 2011

"...but i won't do that" (x 10)

what i've realized is that, in life, there are very few things people won't do, given a certain level of desperation. for the purposes of this exercise, i'm going to assume that, all things being equal (and that equality involves a lack of said desperation), i would never do the following:

1. shop at walmart if i absolutely didn't HAVE to (i.e., no other store in all of creation within a reasonable radius). i abhor their business practices and am proud to say i haven't been there in more than 10 years.

2. reconnect with a couple of past first dates. but if i did—and it would be by accident—someone would be getting kicked or at the very least told a thing or two. and that someone would NOT be me.

3. give up my american citizenship. i love this country. i could possibly live elsewhere at some point in my life, but i don't ever see myself cutting ties on that 'official' level.

4. shave my head (unless i really had to). i feel that i would not rock the bald look.

5. betray my best friend or let anything happen to her, if i could prevent it. we have been through too much together. she's true family to me. john 3:16, ya dig?

6. go a day without missing my grandfather. he's been gone for 15 years, and my heart still aches to see him again.

7. intentionally travel to certain places in this world. to be quite honest, i don't have a wanderlust that would take me much beyond western europe. and in general, i'd prefer to avoid countries and cultures where women can't speak their mind, walk beside a man, or show their face/hair/skin/etc. that wouldn't work so well for me.

8. order any dish at a restaurant that contained eyeballs, testicles, or other weird and random body parts that probably shouldn't be consumed. i have nothing more to say about that.

9. miss a chance to go to the beach or the mountains. i just love the majesty of God's creation and how small and insignificant i feel standing at the edge of the sea or in the midst of those huge, rocky structures. it puts things in perspective a bit, you know?

10. stop loving peanut butter. people, it's like the elixir of life. 'nuff said.

today's prompt, list 10 things you would never do, brought to you courtesy of katrina.

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