Thursday, August 11, 2011

in all seriousness

so, it's thursday and i should be enjoying watching my ravens in their first pre-season game against the eagles, but instead, i'm fuming and too distracted to watch football. thank God for DVR; otherwise, i'd be in a heap of trouble.

i don't normally discuss my personal life too much around these parts, but suffice it to say that i abhor being lied to - particularly by people i find highly enjoyable. the reasons for this may be obvious:
  1. being lied to is just lame. 
  2. for someone i previously found highly enjoyable, i can no longer feel that way about him/her because, well, he/she is now a LIAR.
  3. i have very little free time on my hands these days, and why, exactly, should i waste it paying any attention to someone who has been untruthful when i am just being me? i find wasting my care and affection for others to be just cardinal in the 'relational sin' department.
anyhoo, there you have it. nothing earth shattering, but i can say this: there is a reason that i keep my cards VERY close to the chest with most people these days. and isn't that a shame?

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epub novice said...

here's the sad truth of it: most people are full of shit.