Saturday, June 19, 2010

this just in....

it's gearing up to be a scorcher this weekend; i can feel it. in fact, the forecast for tomorrow is a blazing 97 degrees! how is it possible that my average body temperature (which doesn't feel particularly hot to me), when applied to the outside of my body, makes me feel like i'm going to die? strange....

anyway, i woke up early this morning despite being quite exhausted and am trying to gear up the urge as we speak to finish cleaning my bathroom before my day is fully underway. i also just realized i need to go to the post office to put a large package in the mail (return of some catalog clothes shopping gone awry), so if i'm being particularly productive, perhaps (alliteration!) i will get that done before my saturday brunch date with s & c.

in other news, my 35th birthday is less than two weeks away, and because this is a big one for me, i'm finding myself more reflective than usual. i have some thoughts to share on the matter of celebrating this particular birthday, but they will have to wait until there are no sinks and tubs to scour.

so that's it, i'm afraid. nothing special. nothing of consequence. nothing worthy of the title of this blog post. but at least i'm writing. it's a start.

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