Sunday, February 28, 2010

moving on?

this has been a brutal winter, filled with much frozen precip, leaking windows, scratched-up paint and flat tires, and failed efforts to get to the gym. and now, as winter's end seems more and more likely each day, that also means that i've lived in my current apartment for the last six and a half years—longer, in fact, than i've ever lived anywhere in my whole life. methinks it's time for a change.

bottom line: since the last snowstorm, i've been apartment shopping online, and yesterday i went to see a place downtown. i'm not gonna lie: it would be a bit of a stretch financially, but this place is SUPER convenient to work and fun city attractions, and, what's more, it has one location of the gym i belong to RIGHT INSIDE the building! needless to say, i was ridiculously happy when i discovered this. plus, it would cut my commute in about a third, and i would save mucho bucks on gas not sitting in traffic and not having to drive to and from the gym after or before work and on weekends. i'm waiting for a couple of things to be confirmed this week, and if all goes well, i'm going for it.

i admit i'm a little uneasy about giving up a month-to-month lease and having to pack ALL my stuff up again and pay someone to transport it to the new location (i am too old and too without young male friends to try and move myself), but the thought of being back downtown in a charming neighborhood, close to so many shops, restaurants, and the place where i spend at least 40 hours per week makes me more than a little happy.

here's to new (and hopefully better) things ahead.

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Lynn said...

Wow, it sounds like a perfect fit for you. Hope everything works out (why, oh why can't a sentence end with a preposition?).