Friday, January 01, 2010

bienvenue à 2010 et bon appétit!

as this first day of a new year and new decade has worn on, i feel somehow more and more hopeful for this next chapter in my life. i'm not sure why, really, because i've gotten nothing done today, per se, but i've been thinking about all there IS to do...all i COULD be doing...and that has me feeling excited. plus, i'm drinking a chai latte from my keurig, and can i just say? hot bevs in an instant just thrill me!

in all seriousness, i've been spending the better part of the last hour perusing all my new cookbooks (between christmas and some serious discount shopping, i've scored a total of 10, i think!), most of which have a focus on healthful living and eating—from the simplest of preparations to the somewhat more gourmet.

i've never really used a lot of recipes (except for baking, when one must be precise), with the majority of my cooking being a fusion of stuff i've read, seen on tv, and thought about while staring blankly into my kitchen cabinets. but what i do love are COOKBOOKS and all the inspiration they bring to my culinary adventures. and i'm thinking strongly about switching things up a little—about actually using some of these volumes to help plan my meals for the year ahead.

and speaking of meal planning, i need to go strategize for a brunch i'm throwing tomorrow morning and tidy up my apartment, which looks like some sort of tornado has blown through it. here's to a year of eating well and being prepared for whatever adventure (culinary or otherwise) comes my way!

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