Saturday, November 07, 2009

musings from an (un?)seasonably cold saturday morning

so here's the deal: i'm frustrated with myself. sure, i could pinpoint any number of piddly little reasons, but there's one big one that's been making me kick myself for a couple of weeks now. and the thing that's most annoying? i only have SOME control over it (in other words, i'm pseudo pissed at myself for something i can't entirely do something about. makes sense, no?). oh girl, when will you ever learn?

now then, in addition to that, i feel like i've been wasting my own time lately running in circles like some type of silly school girl. what's that about? oh, right: i'm bored. the idle mind really IS the devil's playground sometimes, i think. project for the winter: stop the madness.

and speaking of winter, it got decidedly cold last night. like, below freezing cold. no wonder my throat hurts and i feel like i could just mainline hot cocoa lately. note to self: sleep more, stay hydrated, and stop fretting, for heaven's sake!

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Jennifer said...

I had the same "oh girl, when will you ever learn" conversation with myself this weekend. ^_^

And winter is wiggly in that hot cocoa makes sense and sleeping more, and being cozy can be priorities.

I hope you figure out the things you need and want to do. Hugs.