Thursday, November 05, 2009

before i recede into shadows once again....

happy november, world! here is a little listy to keep you up to date with my goings-on and whereabouts and what-not:
  1. i've seen 'this is it' twice now, and i have to say that the love is still very much there. two hours watching that genius did my heart good:).
  2. i'm contemplating dying my hair darker. not sure if it'll happen or not, but i'm fully contemplating (think auburn!).
  3. i'm woefully unprepared for the impending holidays.
  4. i'm nearly over the shingles, although i'm still having some nerve pain. but just a little these days.
  5. i'm still fully entrenched in a bonafide writer's block. blech.
  6. i heart cottage cheese lately with some type of passion (almost). eerie.
  7. i've had a few mild adventures, but nothing to write home about.
  8. i'm slowly but surely making progress on some major life goals i started tackling within the last year. that makes me happy.
  9. i'm feeling more and more sure of where i want to go and what i want to do once i get there.
  10. well rested? not so much.

so, that about sums up my fall. here's hoping i have something else to say before december peeks its head around the corner. i guess we'll all find out together....

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