Wednesday, October 21, 2009

what i have to say about my life reminds me of the B52s lyric 'tin roof.....RUSTED'

so let's see, where were we? ah yes, fall. fall is here. fall has fallen. fall has....well, so far....not been that great. i mean, sure, i'm glad to see the end of the summer temps and the start of all things warm and cozy (including my desire for making soup and roasting veggies and wearing fuzzy socks). but this fall has also meant some exhaustion, a turning of a page into a new chapter of 'stuff i need to deal with,' and a case of the shingles.

yeah, that's right. shingles. that condition that is theoretically not supposed to hit you until you're of AARP-card-carrying age. let me just say, for anyone still reading, that i cannot recommend one thing about this affliction, except perhaps that sometimes, percocet-induced sleep can be quite delish. first there's pain, swelling (it looked like i had the mumps last week), itching, burning, the feeling as though there are bugs crawling on me, and occasional jolts of ice cold across my scalp. in other words, awesome.

thankfully i went straight away to the doctor and got myself on a course of antivirals, steroids, and the aforementioned painkillers.

since then it's been a slow crawl back to 'normal,' and i'm still having enough symptoms and headaches that i can't make a full day back at the office just yet.

but i'm moving forward, despite all of it, and i'm still making some good choices in other areas of my life.

in other news, i'm moderately obsessed with cottage cheese.

but perhaps that's a story for another day.

nice to see you, internets. who knows? maybe i won't be such a stranger in the month of november....:)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

again and again

fall has, decidedly, arrived, and i have been silent here for more than a month. at times i try to diagnose this dry spell, but then i give up, realizing that it will end when it sees fit.

tonight my mind is traffic-jammed with thoughts and i'm not much for words, but i have learned to let others' musings suffice when mine do not. here is rilke's take on things, circa 1914:

again and again, even though we know love's landscape
and the little churchyard with its lamenting names
and the terrible reticent gorge into which the others
end: again and again the two of us go out together
under the ancient trees, lay ourselves down again and again
among the flowers, facing opposite the sky.

i'll be back soon, blog world. promise.