Sunday, July 19, 2009

'don't speak....don't tell me cuz it hurts'

not one month after my grad school experience is over, and i'm sufficiently waylayed with what can only be described as the great throat and sinus ICK of 2009. i have this horrid itchy scratchy soreness in my throat that is making speaking impossibly uncomfortable, and furthermore, it's making me want to cough everytime i swallow or breathe. i'm so cognizant of this discomfort that i couldn't even sleep through my trusty nyquil haze last night. people of the internets, i am uncomfortable; do you hear me?

my goal for the rest of the weekend is to drink/eat as much chicken soup as possible, push fluids like they're going out of style (yesterday i probably drank a gallon of water; i am not exaggerating), take my probiotics and vitamins, and try to catch winks of rest when i can.

not speaking is surprisingly enjoyable sometimes, you know. it makes you realize how little there really IS to say sometimes. and with that, i'm done:).

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