Saturday, May 30, 2009

good luck figuring this one out....

these days i feel so disjointed, like i'm constantly waiting for something to start but there are all these delays and sudden 'this has to be done right now' type of tasks that keep intervening. between having things due for school nearly every day of the week and coming to the end of this program and facing a huge assignment that is making me feel completely lost, it's not really helping my sense of equilibrium.

what i want is to go somewhere where nobody knows my name (so anti-'Cheers,' i know) and just wander around to my heart's content, write the story that's on the tip of my brain, and figure out what i'm really thinking about my life these days.

what is real, however, is that, in typical 'me' fashion, i have bitten off slightly more than i can chew, and i just don't exactly know whether to swallow the piece and hope it doesn't kill me on its way down or pull part of it out of my mouth and just say enough's enough.

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