Monday, May 25, 2009

four weeks cannot come soon enough....

i've been having strange and arresting dreams of late....all indicative of my anxious self trying to work some stuff out while i sleep. every morning, i wake up and while the hot water from the shower streams over my head, i try to make sense of the madness. honestly, it's probably not even worth it. i'm stressed. so what else is new? why should my dreams reflect peace and calm when there's little of that to be found nearby?

in about a month, i'll be done with this master's program. i've busted my tail and done a lot of work over the last 21 months, and i've managed to get straight As, but this final class has me wondering if my streak is over. some of my colleagues think of me as the girl who cried wolf, because every course, i apparently complain that i'm not going to do well and then get an A. whatev. i'm telling you that this one will be nothing short of miraculous, because much of my grade is based on this ridiculous simulator that i cannot make sense of to save my life.

in the meantime, i'm going to go and cook some food for the week and hope that i can calm the hell down and just bide my time. this, too, shall pass, i know.... then on to the next adventure.

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Kate said...

hang in there! you will beat the simulator and get your A. I have faith and also you're just brilliant.