Wednesday, March 18, 2009

up close and personal

i recently moved all my furniture around to accommodate some new things. yesterday afternoon, i was in a super macro mood, so i photographed a few important (or just lovely) items in my immediate vicinity at that moment. here they are, in no particular order:

i love these pens. for editing, they're my favorite.

lately i've been needing this way too much. spring brings with it a host of allergic issues, i find.

i love this little guy. my dear friend kim brought me this dish from maine a few years ago. he used to hold paper clips at my old job. now he just sits there and looks cute:).

my sweet friend carla gave me this notebook before i started my current job (a little office pick-me-up). i use it only for very important lists and other such things.

my awesome friend cat made me these coasters for my birthday last year. they're scattered about my living room and office now.

two words: red mouse. 'nuff said.

my hair, in a non-straight state, which is very unusual for me these days. for the last two mornings, i simply couldn't be bothered with straightening. i'm sure you all can understand.

finally, my 'new' phone (new to me since january). honestly, this thing is a little bit temperamental, but at least it hasn't completely crapped out on me the way the instinct did. that phone was such a punk. never again.

now then, enough of these diversions; i'm off to eat dinner and do homework!

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Kate said...

fun! and i so agree with you about the pens.