Sunday, March 29, 2009

if it starts hailing, i'm turning off my computer....

the first thunderstorm of spring is bellowing outside my window. i'm holed up in my office trying to create something out of nothing for a group paper and thinking about what to make for dinner and when i'll deal with all the sorted laundry that awaits me on my bedroom floor. what amazes me is people who put truly crappy work out there and expect others to clean up their messes. well, folks, i'm not doing it this time. i phoned my prof on friday night to tell her of the madness; she actually understood and promised not to penalize me if what i submit is their paltry pseudo bullet points. finally, someone who's thinking logically....

oh, and suddenly the sun is out again.

in other news, i've been having the strangest dreams for the past few nights, undoubtedly brought on by my anxiety over salimah's unemployment, coupled with too much facebook and the inevitable wheezing that occurs during allergy season. former coworkers, reality tv stars, and movie characters are showing up unannounced to hug me, console me, tell me i'm fired, and/or help me problem solve my way through some un-solvable problem.

now that i type these words, the sky has opened back up, and rain is battering my window at full force.

spring is, indeed, a funny, fickle season. how fitting.

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