Monday, March 30, 2009

dear downstairs neighbors,

i have but two requests. here they are, in no particular order.

please, for the love of all that is good and kind, stop cooking delicious-smelling food at 10 p.m. when, quite frankly, i'm hungry from a lacklustre dinner i ate on the fly while reading something meaningless for homework. for some reason, your late-night feasting makes me crave stuffing like nobody's business. yeah, that's right. like stove top, out-of-the-box-and-on-a-plate-in-two-minutes stuffing. what is wrong with this picture? everything. ev.ry.thing.

okay, also, i can hear every word of your television program. how freaking loud do you have your tv turned up that the person ABOVE you can hear this? seriously, unless you want me to start doing some type of aerobics up here...or better yet, irish dancing (yeah, that'll really show 'em!)...please turn it down just a smidge.

and if you're not going to turn it down, could you at least call me the next time you're making fried chicken? pretty please?

thanks for your consideration,

Sunday, March 29, 2009

if it starts hailing, i'm turning off my computer....

the first thunderstorm of spring is bellowing outside my window. i'm holed up in my office trying to create something out of nothing for a group paper and thinking about what to make for dinner and when i'll deal with all the sorted laundry that awaits me on my bedroom floor. what amazes me is people who put truly crappy work out there and expect others to clean up their messes. well, folks, i'm not doing it this time. i phoned my prof on friday night to tell her of the madness; she actually understood and promised not to penalize me if what i submit is their paltry pseudo bullet points. finally, someone who's thinking logically....

oh, and suddenly the sun is out again.

in other news, i've been having the strangest dreams for the past few nights, undoubtedly brought on by my anxiety over salimah's unemployment, coupled with too much facebook and the inevitable wheezing that occurs during allergy season. former coworkers, reality tv stars, and movie characters are showing up unannounced to hug me, console me, tell me i'm fired, and/or help me problem solve my way through some un-solvable problem.

now that i type these words, the sky has opened back up, and rain is battering my window at full force.

spring is, indeed, a funny, fickle season. how fitting.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

up close and personal

i recently moved all my furniture around to accommodate some new things. yesterday afternoon, i was in a super macro mood, so i photographed a few important (or just lovely) items in my immediate vicinity at that moment. here they are, in no particular order:

i love these pens. for editing, they're my favorite.

lately i've been needing this way too much. spring brings with it a host of allergic issues, i find.

i love this little guy. my dear friend kim brought me this dish from maine a few years ago. he used to hold paper clips at my old job. now he just sits there and looks cute:).

my sweet friend carla gave me this notebook before i started my current job (a little office pick-me-up). i use it only for very important lists and other such things.

my awesome friend cat made me these coasters for my birthday last year. they're scattered about my living room and office now.

two words: red mouse. 'nuff said.

my hair, in a non-straight state, which is very unusual for me these days. for the last two mornings, i simply couldn't be bothered with straightening. i'm sure you all can understand.

finally, my 'new' phone (new to me since january). honestly, this thing is a little bit temperamental, but at least it hasn't completely crapped out on me the way the instinct did. that phone was such a punk. never again.

now then, enough of these diversions; i'm off to eat dinner and do homework!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ides plus 2

winter is lazing about, it seems, and while spring is trying her best to make a debut, the cold keeps creeping in, sometimes bringing with it spitting rain that seems to penetrate the skin, leaving you feeling bereft and greatly in need of hot beverages and naps. i am craving open windows, even despite my allergies; i need fresh air in more ways than one.

lately i've been listening to other people's stories of 'woe,' and i find myself thinking that they just need to get over themselves. i know it sounds insensitive, but even despite the economic misery we're all facing (among other things), there is still so much good to find in each day. and i guess when i listen to the whinings of someone else who pretty much has it made, i want to just tell her/him to cease and desist. even more so, when i listen to my own whinings, i find myself quickly over it...shut up, sarah. just shut up and move on.

last night i had a dream that i opened up the window next to my desk at work (which faces a kind of courtyard, 7 floors up), and there was snow all around me, on every branch and piled high on the walls surrounding me. my coworker looked at me with this childlike glint in her eye and i knew in that instant that i needed to start making snowballs to throw with gusto. i tried a few round-shaped ones, but eventually, i realized that if i made my snowballs in the shape of footballs (mini torpedoes, i called them), they would soar much farther. i guess when you think about it, much of life's successful attempts come down to a bit of good sense, a spirit of fun, and aerodynamics.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

"this is for all the lonely people...."

i can't believe i'm still awake after the week i've had, but again, friday night homework sucked me into a vortex and although my eyelids are drooping something fierce, i felt like checking in with the internets. hello there. although it's been awhile, you're looking lovely as ever. :)

in the past few weeks, i've been acquiring some new things for my apartment, and tomorrow morning, some new dining room furniture is set to arrive, along with a new entertainment center thingie from ikea. nothing earth-shattering, but it was time. my old dining room set was about 10 years old, very well used, and had a huge scratch up the middle of the table due to the indiscretions of my ex's former roommate. whatever. the whole thing cost me 175 bucks brand new. that should tell you something about its craftsmanship.

anyhoo, i'm just glad to have it gone. i wound up giving the set to a pregnant, out of work woman and her new husband. i hope they can get some more good use out of it before it falls apart completely. i was happy to donate it to some people who both need and appreciate it.

in other news, i'm just as tired as ever, if not more so. i started crying a little tonight from sheer exhaustion. even my trip to blacksburg (girls weekend!) last week wasn't long enough...and to boot, it took us over 6 hours to get down there! driving for long periods of time doesn't really help an already cranky/sleepy/headachy me. i'm just not sure when there will be a break in the deluge of stress and unfinished tasks, but i could sure use a nice little respite sooner rather than later. if you know where i can catch a break, please report to me immediately....

Sunday, March 01, 2009

all things, good or bad, must come to an end....

i distinctly remember riding in the car with at least one of my parents (usually my mother, when i had picked her up from work in the afternoon during my high school years) listening to paul harvey's rest of the story. another light has gone out in the world:

"my father and mother created from thin air what one day became radio and television news. so in the past year, an industry has lost its godparents and today millions have lost a friend." - paul harvey, jr.

and so it must be that eras pass and memories fade. but what is good in that is that even the worst things in our lives will also go away—if we choose to end them, that is. with that being said, i'm about to hunker down in one particular area of my life for the next few years, and while i don't anticipate that it will be easy to get through, i'm committed to seeing it all the way to the end, bitter or sweet. sometimes life gives us a pill that must be swallowed, whether now or later. i'm choosing today to fill up my glass and drink it down, because i'm truly convinced that ultimately, this is for my good.

thank God that i have friends, both old and new (hi, jeff!), to see me through this process and to remind me that maybe it really IS darkest just before the dawn. oh, and perhaps you're wondering why i'm being kind of cryptic. i'll tell you—part of this situation involves things i don't want to discuss on the internets for another several months (although if you're already in my life, you probably know what the heck i'm talking about), so if we're friends and you're like, huh? feel free to get in touch.

and now, because i have a ridiculously long paper to tackle today, i bid you a fond adieu. let it not be said that i'm one of those girls who stays too long at the fair....