Sunday, February 08, 2009

'and then there's morning; each one feels like the first one....'

my head hurts. i have too much to do. tomorrow is monday already. i wish i were somewhere reading a book and drinking something warm under a blanket. i missed my sunday afternoon nap. this paper won't write itself. i miss you.


it was almost 70 today and the sun came out. i made delicious lasagna with a friend from work. i'm wearing flip-flops. my dishes are done. i bought red grapefruit. there are a few more hours until bed, so once i finish this paper (just do it!), i can read for awhile. my down comforter is soft and pillowy. there are harmonies and melancholy voices in my ears.

i still miss you.

'when i get back to the city
everything's cluttered and pretty.
i won't regret my return.
i'll just remember the wind and the snow
and the howling so loud
that it alone drowns out the inside of me.'

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