Wednesday, January 07, 2009

hello, it's me.....

i know. i know. it's been awhile and i'm long overdue for some type of update. well, no time like the present....

first, the holidays were lovely and relaxing. my parents came to see me and stayed for a few days. we opened gifts, had some nice dinners, and celebrated their anniversary at della notte (for the second year in a row - it's becoming a tradition). i slept almost whenever i wanted—something i needed more than you'll ever know. over this mini-vaca, i also got to see a few dear friends and spent much time hanging out with the bff. new year's eve brought with it my dearest nigel, some tasty cocktails (including mai tais and firefly and lemonade - oh dear was THAT good), salimah and her sister, and some game-playing and karaoke-singing. i have blackmail videos, but i'm still debating whether they'll make it to the internet;). nige and i also visited with his cousin, her husband, and their two awesome kids and during that visit i was introduced to the best mac and cheese recipe i've ever encountered in my LIFE. oh, martha stewart, i really DO love you, despite what others say....

going back to work was slightly jarring, but i managed to hold it together, and although the new semester has started, i'm sort of avoiding doing anything resembling actual schoolwork. that will all change tonight, however, when i have to buckle down and produce a couple of assignments on the fly. i'm only three courses away from my degree. damn, that feels good to say!

as for what most people would consider new year's resolutions, i suppose i have a few, but at this moment, i'm not feeling so much like sharing those with the internets. perhaps i'll change my mind later, though. i'm sometimes fickle that way:).

what i CAN give you, however, is a year-in-review of '08. here are some things i discovered, rediscovered, and/or continued to appreciate, in no particular order:

1. the neti pot. holy crap - go out and get one of these and use it. i promise you won't regret it.
2. ne-yo. gosh, i heart him for some reason.
3. brown. i also heart brown.
4. red. don't worry, red, you're still my #1.
5. DVR. i don't feel that i will ever want to give this up. it has changed my TV life.
6. fage greek yogurt. i'm deeply entrenched in a love affair that borders on obsession. please don't try to intervene. it will do you no good.
7. grapefruit. citrus love. 'nuff said.
8. eucerin calming cream. so soothing.
9. regular haircuts and highlights. i'm too old to have my hair looking bad. trust me.
10. nails. even after a major nail 'incident' that involved bleeding and exposed flesh, i still love them. i may give them up in '09, though. jury's still out on this one.
11. my bella. she still runs like a charm and makes me happy every day.
12. money. i do not take these things for granted....
13. a job i enjoy. i ESPECIALLY do not take this for granted.
14. old friends and new friends. facebook really IS awesome.
15. my educational mojo. i'm kicking butt in grad school, yes, but i'm also just really wanting to continue my studies. this is foreign to me!

i know there's more. i just know it. but right now, i need to get crackin' on work and all of that. oh, and one of my glasses managed to throw itself off the kitchen counter at about 5 a.m. (hmm, suspicious), so now i've got shards all over my kitchen floor that need sweeping. is it friday yet?

oh, and happy 2009! may it be your best year yet, whoever and wherever you are:)


Kimberly said...

1.) Nigel for New Years. Excellent for you!
2.) Totally feel you on the DVR thing.
3.) I tried to find you on facebook but couldn't, so find me, okay?
4.) 2009 - I could use a good year.

sarah said...

which kimberly is this?

Anonymous said...

You're so cute. Reassuring red after you made overtures to brown.

Kate said...

thanks so much for including Crystal and me in your and Nigel's plans when our plan to hang out with our mom and sister went bust at the last minute... it was a great rescue!

octolilly said...

I'm really glad you had a lovely holiday and got some time off from work and schoolwork. :)

I bought a Neti Pot one weekend when Daniel was REALLY sick and hoped to convince him to use it. He never did and I don't even know where it is now. But I've heard nothing but good things about them.

DVR sounds wiggly. We don't have it but I watch a little too much TV right now anyway.

When you eat grapefruit, do you use special grapefruit spoons? I'd never heard of them until I met Daniel's family. His mother gave us some but I'd love to find a really nice set.

I so need a haircut and highlights.

And hmm. Your glasses throwing themselves off your counters? Suicidal? ;)