Sunday, January 25, 2009

'i know you're out there somewhere....'

yes, i just quoted the moody blues. how old am i anyway?

in other news, i'm here to report that there are a lot of freaking people in this world. i was in a beauty products store and the owner was going on and on about 6 billion. okay, yes, it's a number. a very, very big number. but do you ever really THINK about what that means?

during the inauguration this week, i looked at the sea of people that descended on washington (perhaps up to 2 million people on the mall?) and realized that this sea was just a speck of humanity. just a speck. does that ever weird anyone else out, or is it just me??

anyway, then i started thinking about the whole doppelganger know, that there's at least one other person out there that looks and perhaps acts just like you. which is just weird. and sometimes, when i'm doing something quirky and saying one of my 'isms,' i wonder if my doppelganger is saying the same thing at that very moment. and then my head starts to hurt, because again, there are SIX BILLION people and also, why am i thinking about this in the first place?

right, so anyway, i wonder if there's another person somewhere in this world that looks and acts just like me. that's it. that's all i've got tonight. i did more homework, and now my brain is shot, and i didn't eat any dinner, and i'm thinking about doppelgangers.

k, bye:)

in which it becomes obvious that i have very little on the to-do list

this past week, i had a bout with a stomach flu that knocked me on my butt. i'm still not entirely recovered energy-wise, and i'm starting to wonder if i have a slight iron deficiency. perhaps i'll mainline spinach for a few days....

yesterday i spent napping, trying to chase away a headache i think was brought on by dehydration, and writing a paper that, once i sat down and actually did it, took me all of 45 minutes. all that procrastination for nothing!

today's plan is to shower, get out of the house for awhile, and then come home and do the four loads of laundry i have waiting on my floor....mostly towels and sheets, but still. i hate looking at it, and i refuse to let it go another week without getting addressed.

in other news, i'm starting to think more pointedly about what i want to do with my graduate degree—and possibly with the next one i get. if i'm going all the way to 'doctor,' i might as well have some actual plans, you know?

more on that as time passes. for now, shower and something to tide me over until lunch. what more riveting update could i give you than that!?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

'...and let it begin with me'

today i watched history crack open and reveal itself to be a surprising, hopeful, and ever-changing turn and twist of events. today 'we the people' saw the swearing in of a black man as President of the United States of America. today i watched joy spark in the eyes of those who have seen and felt and experienced so much tragedy and so little freedom. today i wept along with those people for the reality of what, for many generations, was a dream too elusive to grasp, too terrifying, almost, to hope for.

today i thought about how far we've come and how many more miles we must yet walk in these shoes.

today i thanked God for another man who has been through a lot in the last two terms and tipped my hat to him, even when so many others do not. today i pledged to support mr. president....because, even though i didn't vote for him, i believe it is my duty as a citizen of this country to respect my leaders (even when we disagree). today i am proud to be an american. today i am hopeful for change.

today i am even more aware that the change we all seek must begin with ourselves.

Friday, January 16, 2009

it's friday and i'm in high avoidance mode

so, the new year is in full swing and i suddenly have nothing to say.

but here's something: i'm thinking about getting my doctorate. i know. i know. all i've done for the last year and a half is complain about how much homework i have. and maybe i'll change my mind when the time comes, but for now, it's sounding like a darn good idea. and even more so because i get 70% off my tuition. hellOOOO....

for now, however, i just need to make it until june without losing my mind. and then i've promised myself six months off. i pinky swear!

in other news, i've taken on a small personal mission to try and be a bit less loose lipped this year. it's not so much a resolution as a mindset. yes, a mindset. that's what i shall call it. so far, so good.

and speaking of good, i'm now obsessed with encrusting everything in panko bread crumbs. so crispy and tasty! expect to hear of panko in '09.

and for my final announcement of the day: i'm getting rid of my nails. i'm tired of having them. i want stubby fingers back when i bake and do hardcore cooking, and honestly, i don't need the added expense. plus, my nails were getting tired of being covered up. i could tell. they—and i—need a break. my hair, however, does not. it needs a trim and another highlighting job in a month or two. gotta keep ahead of the old lady hair!

and with that, i have nothing more to share. i now return you to your regularly scheduled lack of programming while i go and procrastinate some more:)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

hello, it's me.....

i know. i know. it's been awhile and i'm long overdue for some type of update. well, no time like the present....

first, the holidays were lovely and relaxing. my parents came to see me and stayed for a few days. we opened gifts, had some nice dinners, and celebrated their anniversary at della notte (for the second year in a row - it's becoming a tradition). i slept almost whenever i wanted—something i needed more than you'll ever know. over this mini-vaca, i also got to see a few dear friends and spent much time hanging out with the bff. new year's eve brought with it my dearest nigel, some tasty cocktails (including mai tais and firefly and lemonade - oh dear was THAT good), salimah and her sister, and some game-playing and karaoke-singing. i have blackmail videos, but i'm still debating whether they'll make it to the internet;). nige and i also visited with his cousin, her husband, and their two awesome kids and during that visit i was introduced to the best mac and cheese recipe i've ever encountered in my LIFE. oh, martha stewart, i really DO love you, despite what others say....

going back to work was slightly jarring, but i managed to hold it together, and although the new semester has started, i'm sort of avoiding doing anything resembling actual schoolwork. that will all change tonight, however, when i have to buckle down and produce a couple of assignments on the fly. i'm only three courses away from my degree. damn, that feels good to say!

as for what most people would consider new year's resolutions, i suppose i have a few, but at this moment, i'm not feeling so much like sharing those with the internets. perhaps i'll change my mind later, though. i'm sometimes fickle that way:).

what i CAN give you, however, is a year-in-review of '08. here are some things i discovered, rediscovered, and/or continued to appreciate, in no particular order:

1. the neti pot. holy crap - go out and get one of these and use it. i promise you won't regret it.
2. ne-yo. gosh, i heart him for some reason.
3. brown. i also heart brown.
4. red. don't worry, red, you're still my #1.
5. DVR. i don't feel that i will ever want to give this up. it has changed my TV life.
6. fage greek yogurt. i'm deeply entrenched in a love affair that borders on obsession. please don't try to intervene. it will do you no good.
7. grapefruit. citrus love. 'nuff said.
8. eucerin calming cream. so soothing.
9. regular haircuts and highlights. i'm too old to have my hair looking bad. trust me.
10. nails. even after a major nail 'incident' that involved bleeding and exposed flesh, i still love them. i may give them up in '09, though. jury's still out on this one.
11. my bella. she still runs like a charm and makes me happy every day.
12. money. i do not take these things for granted....
13. a job i enjoy. i ESPECIALLY do not take this for granted.
14. old friends and new friends. facebook really IS awesome.
15. my educational mojo. i'm kicking butt in grad school, yes, but i'm also just really wanting to continue my studies. this is foreign to me!

i know there's more. i just know it. but right now, i need to get crackin' on work and all of that. oh, and one of my glasses managed to throw itself off the kitchen counter at about 5 a.m. (hmm, suspicious), so now i've got shards all over my kitchen floor that need sweeping. is it friday yet?

oh, and happy 2009! may it be your best year yet, whoever and wherever you are:)