Saturday, October 04, 2008

tag! you're it!

since my dear friend kim tagged me, i will accept her challenge. the deal is that i'm supposed to blog about 6 quirky or little-known facts about me. hmm...quirky. this shouldn't be super hard. so, out of my grab bag of weirdisms, i present you with the following list:

1. i'm not super well read. people find this incredibly hard to believe about me, since i have a fairly decent vocabulary and am a writer and editor and lover of all things 'word.' but really, it's true. i haven't read that much in the way of famous literature. in fact, i haven't read that much in the way of non-famous literature either. i consider this one of my great failures, if ever there were such a thing. i can trace its origins back to the first time someone forced me to read a book against my will and then conducted the most inane discussions about it afterward. it was high school...9th grade, i think. after that, something inside me that once had loved to read simply shut down, closed itself off. i became a rebel, hardly ever finishing a book assigned to me - except for the precious few that were so good, i finished them almost in spite of myself ('fahrenheit 451', 'the once and future king,' and a few others). in recent years, i've tried to allow myself to rediscover the reader inside of me, but with jobs that have involved nothing but reading and then my admittance into grad school, that goal has been put on the back burner for now. some day, i will return to you, literature. i promise.

2. i own both barry manilow and jay-z albums and am unashamed of both. i don't think it's nearly as socially acceptable to spin barry these days; however, i can't help it. he writes the songs that make the whole world sing, people! and besides, once i finish belting out 'weekend in new england' (tear jerker!), i can 'justify my thug' with my man jay. and believe me - i'm all gangsta underneath this suburban exterior ;).

3. i am a HUGE sap. i don't let much of the world see this about me, but i am deeply affected by the smallest things sometimes - the way people look at each other, a particularly moving commercial, a little kid wearing glasses, one perfectly executed note in a song....good grief. hallmark should hire me.

4. i collect cookbooks but don't really use them. yes, i'm a foodie. yes, i love to cook. yes, i also love to read recipes. but do i use them? not much. only for certain baking where you have to be very precise with measurements do i pull out the instructions. otherwise, the whole recipe thing is more for inspiration than anything else. oh, and my current collection is in the neighborhood of 200 to 250, i would imagine. i haven't counted in awhile. i particularly love when i find something completely fun in a used bookstore. it's like treasure hunting! (n.b.: i also apparently collect stationery - considering how much of it i own - but in no way use that either. anyone need some snail mail?)

5. i talk to myself. a lot. this in and of itself shouldn't sound all that shocking (especially since i live alone), but when you combine it with the fact that i not only talk to myself but sometimes ANSWER myself as well, it can get a little concerning sometimes. i will make lists and give myself lectures and ask and answer questions - all out loud. i'm perfectly aware that i'm doing it, you see. sometimes i'm the best one to tell myself what i need to hear, and apparently i have no problem doing it - whether at home or at a traffic light.

6. for all of the dreams i have of one day owning my own food-related business, i am more and more fully convinced that at some point in the future, i am going to write a book. there's been a novel brewing inside of me for about 10 years and in those quiet moments when all else fades away, it's there, just waiting to be written. perhaps when i finish this master's degree, i'll reward myself with a writing vacation or something.

so, there you have it. nothing too shocking or appalling, i guess. i hereby tag salimah, cat, lynn, kim b., holly, adam, and jenn, if y'all are up to the challenge!

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Kimberly said...

Well done. I am the same way with them but only use them for inspiration mainly. And a writing vacation sounds wonderful!! Do it!