Saturday, October 11, 2008

'mawwidge is what bwings us togevah today....'

in just a couple of hours, my dear friend melly will be getting hitched and i, along with salimah and my friend ness, will get to witness the whole event. seriously, i couldn't be more thrilled. i am also rather happy that i will be wearing my fun new brown jacket to the event (that is decidedly autumnal, with red flowers and lovely lush green leaves and other bits) with some caramel-colored sueded (not suede...just sueded/brushed cotton) pants, a red button-down dress shirt, and my usual chocolate brown crocs (the only shoe for people who can't really wear shoes other than athletic wear). i also got my nails freshly done last night, so now i at least look halfway put together. oh, and my hair is still looking a bit cute, not yet having grown out to the point of being utterly shmate.

anyhoo, i'm sure i'll have all kinds of philosophical reflections (as i often do when witnessing two adorable people getting mawweeeed), but for now i'm just happy. about all of it. and it's a beautiful day for two people in wuv. twoo wuv.

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