Monday, August 04, 2008

'august, die she must'*

happy (belated) month before september (a.k.a. the month for beginning again, for buying school supplies, for getting new clothes and realizing that fall is right around the corner). this will be a short check-in, since i'm pretty much in serious need of dinner (grilled salmon from wf) and some work catching up. methinks i shall be up late tonight.

just a recap of my day: i got a cortisone shot in my foot that was long overdue. here's hoping it takes its hold. i also had a random bout of cute hair. i'm not going to question it. sometimes the magic just happens. lunch was a boring roast beef sandwich that gave me phanton heartburn (which i almost never get). weird. after work (and the doctor), i stopped at whole foods (the source of the aforementioned salmon) to pick up a few things. nearly had an altercation with an older gentleman who was trying to get all up in my grille in the parking lot. i beat a hasty retreat before we had words. it was only a matter of time.

i also realized again today that my life would be a tiny bit frightening to some people who knew me back in college. i'm okay with that, though. some times things are not what they once were...and nor should they be. and, like forrest gump, that's all i have to say about that....

off to dine and try to stay awake till bedtime. busy week ahead. much homework and goings on. still smiling, though. not too shabby for a monday.

(*my apologies to art garfunkel for associating his rather beautiful lyric with my crap blog post.)

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