Tuesday, July 22, 2008

two's day.

let's get listy, shall we?

1. my 15-year high school reunion was this past weekend. i didn't go because i had too much going on. i'll be making the 20, though. i already promised to buy a drink for an old friend:).
2. speaking of high school, last night i told a former classmate that i had a serious crush on him for about 5 years. it felt remarkably cleansing. oh, and he's still cute.
3. my accounting class is giving me a pain where i sincerely don't need one. i cannot wait for august 25.
4. the sleeplessness is making my bones hurt. i need to channel rip van winkle for a few days.
5. it has recently come to my attention that i need a vacation. hence, i'll be taking one in 2 months with salimah (and my parents for part of the time). i am trying not to jump out of my skin thinking about it...that is, if i had the energy to jump out of my skin.
6. yesterday i had some sushi that was simply divine.
7. i seem to have lost the ability to plan ahead. i blame grad school entirely.
8. for my birthday, i bought myself some DVDs in order to replenish my VHS collection that i got rid of last year. i heart packages filled with fun things!
9. i'm now selling jewelry for a company called cookie lee. apparently i love jewelry way more than i realized!
10. i have had a serious craving for pancakes since i started with this insomnia thing. i want them all the time. with lots of syrup and butter. sitting across from someone fun. everyone should have pancakes, i think. pancakes for everyone!!

ahem. that is all.

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Lynn said...

Fun list! Is Mr I-used-to-have-a-crush-on-you-and-you're-still-cute still single? Where is the vacation? Pat and I are frequent pancake indulgers. He puts peanut butter on them....that's just wrong...