Sunday, June 08, 2008

quick recap

whew! okay, i haven't blogged in awhile. there are a few reasons for that, the main one being that i was very sick for more than a week! i'm better now, though, so i'm back in the proverbial game....

i just finished writing a paper on emerging energy technologies. fascinating stuff, really, although i wasn't in the mood to spend the majority of my sunday sitting at my computer doing research. not that this is any sort of surprise lately...i'm sure that anyone who knows me is aware of my homework situation. hell, even people who DON'T know me are aware. moving on....

as i mentioned above, i was sick for more than a week. i actually took two WHOLE sick days to try and recover from some flu-like thing that settled in my sinuses and knocked what wind i had straight out of me. i mean, really, i was beyond exhausted. not a good combination when you're in grad school AND under a work deadline.

let's see. what else is going on?

oh! well, in addition to recently buying a new LCD high-def TV, i also finally upgraded to HD cable AND DVR. i heart this, people. now i don't have to feel so tied down to my programming! before i would get all stressed out at the thought of having to miss a show that doesn't repeat (i know, i know - pathetic), but now all stress is removed because DVR has stepped in. hello, flexibility!

i also decided to try bare minerals. i have to say - i love it! it totally evens out my somewhat red-in-the-face look and is light as a feather. thanks to those of you who recommended it - i'm a believer now! with that and my new short haircut, i feel like less of a schlub. ALWAYS a good thing.

although i want to wax poetic about how my birthday is coming up in 3 weeks, i have to go and make dinner. i've only eaten breakfast today and i'm feeling pretty ravenous. will check in again later and regale you with tales of my upcoming adventures.


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