Sunday, May 25, 2008


a.k.a. the incredibly anxious adventures of me and my absent mind....

i've had quite an interesting, mostly fabulous weekend so far. i had been thinking for some time of getting an LCD HDTV and i finally bit the bullet and got a 32". in the process, i also decided to upgrade my never-really-that-great 5-disc DVD/home theater carousel and get an HD upconverter single disc model (samsung). because i have no stereo of which to speak in my living room, i added a recycled receiver (thanks, dad!) so that i can watch movies and shows in full stereo sound, as well as continue to play CDs and whatever else through something other than my TV speakers.

yesterday's trip to BJs yielded the aforementioned tv, and salimah and i spent last evening and part of this morning watching the entire sixth season of 'sex and the city' in preparation for seeing the movie next weekend (we already bought tix online). when i finally got myself together and headed to best buy to pick up the DVD player (and another HDMI cable for when i upgrade to an HD cable box), i went through the whole she-bang of making a decision (no small feat for me) and going through checkout, except that at the last minute i couldn't find my wallet in my purse. as i was rifling through my bag, i jokingly said to salimah, 'i hope my wallet's in here,' but as soon as the words left my mouth, she remembered seeing my wallet on the dining room table at home. i had a single check left in my register, but they wouldn't accept that without a license (which, of course, was also in my wallet), ticked as i was, i had to leave the order at the counter, drive the 15 minutes back home, get the wallet, and return to best buy to complete the purchase.

what should have been a simple, 30-minute jaunt turned into more than an hour of angst. i'm so glad i went back to the store, though. there's no way i could have made it through the evening without feeling agitated that i didn't have what i went for in the first place. i am ALSO rather glad that i had some homeopathic anxiety/stress remedies with me. i popped some of those bad boys in my mouth and let them dissolve as i drove up and down the same roads for what seemed an eternity. i swear, i felt like such a dolt....but at least i was a dolt growing calmer by the minute.

i tell you - the work of a single girl with technical needs is never done. thankfully i am fully armed with happy pills, techie gurus (and dads) to ask for advice, and a best friend who's willing to ride the road with me - sometimes more than once.

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Salimah said...

fun post, you techneurotic, you!