Sunday, May 11, 2008

my mother... the oldest daughter of an oldest daughter of an oldest daughter. (as my father calls her) the true 'goodbye girl.'
...always had boxes of heels in her closet that, as a child, i tried on whenever she was out of the house.
...loves opals.
...ran behind my bike to teach me to ride without training wheels (even though she herself had never learned).
...has always been ballsy - so much so that it sometimes horrified me as a child, but i have proudly turned into her (and sometimes even kick it up a notch, i am sure, much to her chagrin).
...cannot resist listening in to other people's conversations in public - especially if they're juicy.
...used to read the menu aloud to me at restaurants, even though i could read every word.
...coined the phrase 'hellooooooo' long before billy crystal made it famous in 'city slickers.' still a new yorker in her heart.
...will always be a dancer in mine. quite a good sport when we tease her and takes great joy when we can all share a laugh (in love, of course) at her expense.
...tells lots of stories, even when you're not in the room. so much like my grandmother, some days it makes me cry.
...made her parents proud.
...has a huge heart, especially for those people that no one else pays attention to. strong in so many ways, and yet i feel very protective of her.
...has the most amazing work ethic i have ever seen. and always will be THE hr guru.
...charms all my friends and has adopted several of them as her 'daughters.'
...helped me through more childhood homework crises than i care to admit.
...still goes out of her way to help me out, even though i'm a full-fledged 'grown-up.'
...will always smell like home to me.
...writes me the best e-mails.
...tells me how proud she is of me (and means it).
...encourages me to be proud of me, too. one of my dearest friends and confidantes (and i do not take this for granted).
...doesn't know how amazing she is.
...will never know how much i love her. never ever.

nevertheless, i love you, mom. happy mother's day.


Salimah said...

what a lovely tribute to your mom!

Meredith B said...

What a beautiful description of your mom! Sounds just like the Carolyn Hedges I remember! Treasure your rare gem!

Love Ya,