Sunday, May 04, 2008

i heart berries and jay-z

i've come to some conclusions:

  1. i feel sluggish. i want to revamp my eating, which has sucked since i started grad school.
  2. while my musical taste is rather eclectic and fun, and while i often lean in the direction of folksy, acoustic-driven stuff, i am also really interested in some lyrical genius the likes of which can be found on jay-z's black album.
  3. i feel that i should try some type of 'bare minerals' kind of make-up. if anyone has any experience with any of those products, please inform me immediately!
  4. i'm in no way geared up for this new semester, which is already painfully underway. i will muddle through, however. i cannot break my own stride, even though what i want to do is take a break.
  5. although i don't prefer the heat, i'm so glad it's getting to be a non-winter season. it's salad and sandal weather:).
  6. i should watch baseball more often.
  7. i can't imagine growing my hair out again. it annoys me.
  8. i'm over american idol.
  9. speaking of tv, i want one with a flat-screen.
  10. i think i love people who 'get it' best of all. there is nothing in the world like NOT having to explain what you mean.

know what i mean?


abbersnail said...

Bare minerals rocks my world.

That is all! :-)

Salimah said...

I find that you always 'get it.'

Holly said...

I've used Bare Minerals for 3 years now. I don't even remember what liquid makeup was like.