Thursday, April 03, 2008

update (see below)

see nate's blog for a recent update. looks like the surgery was a success!

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Sara said...

Hi Sarah! Nate's news is AWESOME!!! My daughters & I have been checking every day, several times a day. I am able to view Nate's blog on my mobile, which means almost every time I pick it up, we are checking for updates. Can you say addicted? I was just waking up this morning & I turned my phone on right away & logged onto the blog. My clever husband made a smart comment about if he didn't know any better he would have thought that I was finally glowing like an angel. He was being quite sarcastic, even for 5:30am. I told him it's a good thing he's cute. :-)

One of my swimmers goes to the Calvert School. That's the only other time I have really heard anything about it, except you used to work there. :-) Yes, I have put together quite a curriculum for my kids, but I had help. My mom used to run a resource center out of her former church & she is also a tutor with access to plenty of cool books, games, DVD's, you name it, which she shares with me whenever she can. Sometimes, it's really nice having her around. :-)

Side note: I really enjoyed your entry about the doobie. Still giggling about it. Hope you ahve a great weekend!