Wednesday, April 02, 2008

summary of the last several days of my life

okay, i need a numbered list to help me out with this one:

1. i did a LOT of cooking this weekend, including making a batch of soft, buttery cookies with dried cranberries in them. i also made a pan of some fake moussaka (ground turkey, not lamb), as well as some bacon-laced pancakes. mmm. bacon. you know you want some. (as a side note, cooking is probably the one reason i haven't gone completely insane lately.)

2. i have spent a total of 8 billion hours doing schoolwork lately. seriously.

3. i am busier than ever at work and after spending 9 hours intently focusing on my work stuff, to come home and then have to intently focus on some homework is making me want to curl up under a comforter and not come out for at least 4 days.

4. i work with some truly sarcastic people. this makes me SUPREMELY happy.

5. i have a total of 3 work crushes. one of them is probably 50 and from a foreign country, but he's still dreamy. i think it's the accent. oh, and his argyle sweaters. (nb: a work crush is someone you would likely never date in real life. you just flirt shamelessly with him at the office and then move on with yourself. there is no actual interest, probably very little in common, and thoughts of him shouldn't really occur outside of work hours. then that's a real crush. you must define your terms.)

6. today i ate some cow and drank a real soda (i almost never do this anymore). it made me happy.

7. today i also used the term 'marijuana cigarette' without batting an eyelash. i feel that this means that i am a) antiquated and charming, b) some type of old-fashioned fuddy duddy, and/or c) in need of some type of intervention. (please be aware, however, that i am in no way interested in marijuana cigarettes for my own use. i was simply referencing them when someone asked the official meaning of the term 'doobie.')

thank you and goodnight.

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