Saturday, April 05, 2008


it's saturday morning and for the first time in i don't remember how long, i slept for more than 8 hours last night. in fact, other than occasionally waking up this morning because of the light filtering in through the blinds, i slept for about 10 hours! this, dear readers, is nothing short of amazing.

this past week has drained me emotionally and physically, and i knew yesterday that if i didn't get to bed at a decent hour, i was going to start another week feeling completely dragged out and in no way prepared for the amount of work i have ahead of me. so i left work at around 6:20, grabbed a quizno's sandwich on the way home, ate a quick dinner, made a call for work (yeah, i know, on a friday), and then settled in to watch some mindless tv (i think i fell asleep on the couch within about 40 minutes). at 10:25, i got up, sent salimah a text, and went immediately to bed. i'm glad i had the forethought to brush my teeth right after dinner. one less thing to do when completely zonked out. i know myself too well....

so, it's saturday morning, and other than the fact that i have some serious homework due tomorrow (last group project of the semester!!), the world is my oyster today. i need to tidy up around the pad, think about what i need from the grocery store, meet up with salimah around noon, and then drum up some mad-cap fun for the afternoon. it's funny how many more possibilities life seems to hold when you're not about to drop from exhaustion.

oh, and i just remembered that my cleaning lady comes this tuesday - and she's going to scrub my broiler pan that i've never been able to use because it wasn't properly cleaned before i moved in....woohoo!! it's the little things, people.

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Kimberly said...

I'm glad someone is sleeping. Kate has flipped out since I went away, and she refuses to close her eyes and sleep for fear that I may disappear again. That means I'm not sleeping either. It's been a rough week, but last night we let her cry it out and she eventually fell asleep. Tonight I'm hoping for more rest. :)