Thursday, April 10, 2008

friday eve

tomorrow's friday, and i just have to say that if i can make it through the next two days, i will be psyched. i have a huge project due on saturday, and it's worth a hefty 15 or 20% of my term grade. tonight i had planned to do more work on said project, but around 6:30 i got a sinus headache over one eye that hurt so badly, i had to take some meds and go to sleep until it went away. of course, that turned into a 3-hour nap, and now i'm wide awake at 11 pm, but whatev.

at the very least, there's only one day left in the work week, and then it's home to work, work, work and get my schoolwork done.

at the end of next week, this class ends, and then i go away for a long weekend with my dear friend amy. who needs a break and to get out of dodge? i DO!

as a side note, flavor of love is quite possibly the stupidest show ever. i say this without actually watching it. i just happened to flip past it on my way to yet another stupid show. speaking of stupid shows (and yet i am a sucker for a talent competition), mtv has pitted the children of musicians against one another on a show called 'rock the cradle.' mc hammer's daugter ain't half bad....and neither is kenny loggins' son.

on that note (no pun intended), i'm going to try for some sleep....

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