Saturday, April 26, 2008

the 'burgh

i'm here in the great 'state of pittsburgh' (i actually said that last night after drinking a couple of free cocktails in our hotel lobby) with my incredibly enjoyable friend amy l. perbeck. we are having a relaxing, very chill time hanging out and being new yorkers. yeah, you heard me. we have not stopped talking with a brooklyn accent for the last several days. it's really quite addictive, you see. plus, we're good enough at it that no one seems to bat an eyelash.

anyway, i digress....

so, we've gone to see the bodies exhibit at the carnegie science center. while it was entirely fascinating and made me even more appreciative of the amazingly intricate structures inside our bodies, it also kind of skeeved me out and disturbed me on some levels. i'm glad i went, though. i was very curious about the whole thing and how others would react to it. and besides, i think much of the american public could stand for some more educational experiences about how their bodies work.

other than the science center, we also rode the duquesne incline to see a fantastic view of the whole city from up high....had some delicious soft-serve ice cream (much of which i wound up scooping out into the street, because the portion was way bigger than i was thinking it would be), did the whole cocktails in the lobby thing, and then went out for italian for dinner last night.

today we're just lounging around the hotel for awhile before we go out in search of lunch. assuming the weather holds, tonight is a baseball game for which we got some complimentary tickets (it pays to know people who know people). it'll be nice to have some time outside enjoying a little sporting event, even if it is the pirates;).

all in all, it's been an enjoyable little time so far, although we're having a little bit of an 'issue' with our hotel room. every SINGLE time we leave our room and exit the hotel, our keys stop working. so inevitably we wind up coming to the room (and at least one of us always has to use the bathroom by this point) and then we can't get in. so, each time, we take the elevator back down to the front desk and rather sternly inform them that it has happened again. after 2 days of this happening, they finally suggested this morning that they might have the lock, yeah. good plan.

anyway, i'm still on vacation, so i'm not going to fret about it....

i better enjoy it while it lasts, too, because monday my class starts back up again. and then free time? fuggedaboudit.

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