Tuesday, April 29, 2008

back to biz

tomorrow (or technically later today, since it's after midnight) i go back to work from my 2-day hiatus. i should be sleeping right now, but i'm amped up on my inhalers. i've been having some tightness in my chest for the last little while, and i realized that i needed to get up and take some puffs to try and loosen things up in there. of course, because i took 2 different inhalers (steroid and bronch. dilator), i'm all jumpy now. this doesn't always happen, but since i'm already tired, it was pretty much inevitable. oh well. i need to be able to breathe first and foremost.

also - and i'm sure this didn't help - i took a bit of a nap in the afternoon today. sometimes if i sleep too late in the day, the night is basically a crap shoot for me in terms of whether or not i'll actually be able to sleep. tonight, apparently, it's a negative.

had a great time with my dear friend this weekend and, other than some mild traffic here and there, had a very uneventful trip home yesterday (even managed to make it before it started raining!). no matter how long i'm away - whether for just a night or multiple days - i always love coming back home again.

now i'm just gearing myself up for a busy couple of weeks at work. deadlines looming mid-may, but hard work isn't something with which i'm unfamiliar, so i'm ready to dive back in. oh, and my next class starts today, which means homework, here i come!

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