Tuesday, April 29, 2008

back to biz

tomorrow (or technically later today, since it's after midnight) i go back to work from my 2-day hiatus. i should be sleeping right now, but i'm amped up on my inhalers. i've been having some tightness in my chest for the last little while, and i realized that i needed to get up and take some puffs to try and loosen things up in there. of course, because i took 2 different inhalers (steroid and bronch. dilator), i'm all jumpy now. this doesn't always happen, but since i'm already tired, it was pretty much inevitable. oh well. i need to be able to breathe first and foremost.

also - and i'm sure this didn't help - i took a bit of a nap in the afternoon today. sometimes if i sleep too late in the day, the night is basically a crap shoot for me in terms of whether or not i'll actually be able to sleep. tonight, apparently, it's a negative.

had a great time with my dear friend this weekend and, other than some mild traffic here and there, had a very uneventful trip home yesterday (even managed to make it before it started raining!). no matter how long i'm away - whether for just a night or multiple days - i always love coming back home again.

now i'm just gearing myself up for a busy couple of weeks at work. deadlines looming mid-may, but hard work isn't something with which i'm unfamiliar, so i'm ready to dive back in. oh, and my next class starts today, which means homework, here i come!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

the 'burgh

i'm here in the great 'state of pittsburgh' (i actually said that last night after drinking a couple of free cocktails in our hotel lobby) with my incredibly enjoyable friend amy l. perbeck. we are having a relaxing, very chill time hanging out and being new yorkers. yeah, you heard me. we have not stopped talking with a brooklyn accent for the last several days. it's really quite addictive, you see. plus, we're good enough at it that no one seems to bat an eyelash.

anyway, i digress....

so, we've gone to see the bodies exhibit at the carnegie science center. while it was entirely fascinating and made me even more appreciative of the amazingly intricate structures inside our bodies, it also kind of skeeved me out and disturbed me on some levels. i'm glad i went, though. i was very curious about the whole thing and how others would react to it. and besides, i think much of the american public could stand for some more educational experiences about how their bodies work.

other than the science center, we also rode the duquesne incline to see a fantastic view of the whole city from up high....had some delicious soft-serve ice cream (much of which i wound up scooping out into the street, because the portion was way bigger than i was thinking it would be), did the whole cocktails in the lobby thing, and then went out for italian for dinner last night.

today we're just lounging around the hotel for awhile before we go out in search of lunch. assuming the weather holds, tonight is a baseball game for which we got some complimentary tickets (it pays to know people who know people). it'll be nice to have some time outside enjoying a little sporting event, even if it is the pirates;).

all in all, it's been an enjoyable little time so far, although we're having a little bit of an 'issue' with our hotel room. every SINGLE time we leave our room and exit the hotel, our keys stop working. so inevitably we wind up coming to the room (and at least one of us always has to use the bathroom by this point) and then we can't get in. so, each time, we take the elevator back down to the front desk and rather sternly inform them that it has happened again. after 2 days of this happening, they finally suggested this morning that they might have the lock checked....um, yeah. good plan.

anyway, i'm still on vacation, so i'm not going to fret about it....

i better enjoy it while it lasts, too, because monday my class starts back up again. and then free time? fuggedaboudit.

Monday, April 21, 2008


no, that's not my temperature. it's my FINAL GRADE for my class that ended yesterday. wooHOO!

i'm so glad to be done, even more glad to have a whole week off, and even MORE glad to have two days off from work and to be going away for the weekend!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

we now return you to your irregularly scheduled program....

thursday i had what can only be described as one of those nearly out-of-body experiences. i say nearly because i don't want to seem overblown in my assessment (yeah, like it would be the first time) and surely life has brought many more awesome...nay, thrilling experiences than this....but i digress.

so, anyway, i'm sitting at my desk at work listening to pandora, on which i have concocted quite possibly the perfect mixed radio station for my life. i had JUST hit the sweet spot of the workday groove (you office people know what i'm talking about), and suddenly i hear the opening guitar strains to a song that, quite honestly, reminds me why i love music from the 70s most of all. so i'm seriously sitting there trying not to break out into song and then this line hits me....

'dreams, they're for those who sleep.....life is for us to keep....'

now, anyone worth his or her salt will know that this line comes from the bread song 'make it with you.' people, i don't know what is up with me lately, but having hit my work sweet spot to the tune of 'make it with you' was seriously one of those moments that i sat and CHERISHED for a good five minutes. i'm sure coworkers were wondering what was up with the goofy grin on my face (i did manage to avoid singing through that whole song), but can you blame me?

okay, maybe you can. maybe i'm a huge cheese ball, but in my current life of burning the proverbial candle at both ends, that was a moment of pure musical bliss. and you know what? i'll take 'em where i can get 'em....

now then, this reminds me of the fact that i will have 4.5 or so hours in my car this week (coming and going) as i drive to pittsburgh. that's right, pittsburgh. i'm going there for a long weekend getaway with my friend amy (who will be driving down from the great state of michigan to meet me). seriously, this will be the first time i've spent the night somewhere other than my apartment since december. it's my one week off from school between semesters, and i intend to live it up....so natch, i'm going to pennsylvania, home of the rockin' amish and other things celebratory:).

in actuality, i'm rather excited. we're planning to go to the 'bodies' exhibit at the carnegie science center, ride the duquesne incline to get a scenic view of the city, and take in a pirates game on saturday - assuming it doesn't pour. and besides, i'll get to spend 3 solid days with one of my favorite people on earth.

so let's see....what else is new? oh, well, i've been working my tail off this term, and i'm going to finish strong with what i project will be in the neighborhood of a 99% average for my class (woo!). as of tomorrow, i will have completed two full semesters of school. now i only have about three more to go. the other night when i was feeling particularly tired and cranky, i got online and watched the graduation ceremony from this past february. it inspired me to keep going. that'll be me up there some day soon....

in a final and utterly unrelated note, i have realized a few things about myself and my opinions lately....or have been mulling over previously realized items. here they are in no particular order:
  1. i am a fan of solid colors with the well-placed, patterned 'accent.' and by patterned, i mean geometric shapes/stripes/or something swirly and interesting....i don't need stuff with flowers or similar crap on it.
  2. paul mccartney wrote better songs than john lennon. there, i said it.
  3. i am SO glad i chose walden for my master's program. i believe in what that school promotes.
  4. i really abhor the idea that someone would miseducate children. this is part of the reason why i'm interested in producing curriculum for them or directly involving them. this isn't a new idea for me, but i've been thinking about it with more purpose lately.
  5. having said that, i still have no real interest in teaching.
  6. i am also quite glad that i abandoned the idea of becoming a counselor. i couldn't listen to people complain about their problems all the time - unless they were willing to take action. i have little patience for people who aren't willing to DO something about what bothers them (myself included).
  7. at the end of the day, simple really IS best.
  8. my life is pretty much a closed door right now....and this will likely remain the case until july 2009 (of course, now that i've said that, i fully expect something will change.)
  9. i know my limits.
  10. i am SO completely disinterested in anything or anyone attempting to control people using guilt, shame, or some misplaced/inappropriate sense of obligation. and it is worst to me when i see it happening between people who profess faith in Christ. on the flip side, i am ALL about people who are living authentically, with love and grace in their words and actions. i am privileged and honored to know some of these people. they are part of what makes life worthwhile.

and with that, i bid you good day.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

friday eve

tomorrow's friday, and i just have to say that if i can make it through the next two days, i will be psyched. i have a huge project due on saturday, and it's worth a hefty 15 or 20% of my term grade. tonight i had planned to do more work on said project, but around 6:30 i got a sinus headache over one eye that hurt so badly, i had to take some meds and go to sleep until it went away. of course, that turned into a 3-hour nap, and now i'm wide awake at 11 pm, but whatev.

at the very least, there's only one day left in the work week, and then it's home to work, work, work and get my schoolwork done.

at the end of next week, this class ends, and then i go away for a long weekend with my dear friend amy. who needs a break and to get out of dodge? i DO!

as a side note, flavor of love is quite possibly the stupidest show ever. i say this without actually watching it. i just happened to flip past it on my way to yet another stupid show. speaking of stupid shows (and yet i am a sucker for a talent competition), mtv has pitted the children of musicians against one another on a show called 'rock the cradle.' mc hammer's daugter ain't half bad....and neither is kenny loggins' son.

on that note (no pun intended), i'm going to try for some sleep....

Saturday, April 05, 2008


it's saturday morning and for the first time in i don't remember how long, i slept for more than 8 hours last night. in fact, other than occasionally waking up this morning because of the light filtering in through the blinds, i slept for about 10 hours! this, dear readers, is nothing short of amazing.

this past week has drained me emotionally and physically, and i knew yesterday that if i didn't get to bed at a decent hour, i was going to start another week feeling completely dragged out and in no way prepared for the amount of work i have ahead of me. so i left work at around 6:20, grabbed a quizno's sandwich on the way home, ate a quick dinner, made a call for work (yeah, i know, on a friday), and then settled in to watch some mindless tv (i think i fell asleep on the couch within about 40 minutes). at 10:25, i got up, sent salimah a text, and went immediately to bed. i'm glad i had the forethought to brush my teeth right after dinner. one less thing to do when completely zonked out. i know myself too well....

so, it's saturday morning, and other than the fact that i have some serious homework due tomorrow (last group project of the semester!!), the world is my oyster today. i need to tidy up around the pad, think about what i need from the grocery store, meet up with salimah around noon, and then drum up some mad-cap fun for the afternoon. it's funny how many more possibilities life seems to hold when you're not about to drop from exhaustion.

oh, and i just remembered that my cleaning lady comes this tuesday - and she's going to scrub my broiler pan that i've never been able to use because it wasn't properly cleaned before i moved in....woohoo!! it's the little things, people.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

update (see below)

see nate's blog for a recent update. looks like the surgery was a success!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

this is more important than my silly blog posts of late

for quite some time now, i have been reading the blog of a man who is unknown to me personally but whom i feel like i have come to know - along with his wife tricia and awesome daughter gwyneth. in brief, tricia, who has cystic fibrosis, gave birth to gwyneth after (i think) 25 weeks. the entire family has been living at duke hospital since the winter as gwyneth has fought to gain strength and tricia has fought to maintain hers while she waits for a double lung transplant.

tonight i read on nate's blog that lungs have been found, and tricia has been wheeled into surgery and will be there for the next 7 to 9 hours. if you are the praying kind, please lift some up for tricia - and gwyneth and nate. this family is an awesome portrait of God's amazing love and faithfulness.

and if you're interested, please visit nate's blog: http://cfhusband.blogspot.com.


summary of the last several days of my life

okay, i need a numbered list to help me out with this one:

1. i did a LOT of cooking this weekend, including making a batch of soft, buttery cookies with dried cranberries in them. i also made a pan of some fake moussaka (ground turkey, not lamb), as well as some bacon-laced pancakes. mmm. bacon. you know you want some. (as a side note, cooking is probably the one reason i haven't gone completely insane lately.)

2. i have spent a total of 8 billion hours doing schoolwork lately. seriously.

3. i am busier than ever at work and after spending 9 hours intently focusing on my work stuff, to come home and then have to intently focus on some homework is making me want to curl up under a comforter and not come out for at least 4 days.

4. i work with some truly sarcastic people. this makes me SUPREMELY happy.

5. i have a total of 3 work crushes. one of them is probably 50 and from a foreign country, but he's still dreamy. i think it's the accent. oh, and his argyle sweaters. (nb: a work crush is someone you would likely never date in real life. you just flirt shamelessly with him at the office and then move on with yourself. there is no actual interest, probably very little in common, and thoughts of him shouldn't really occur outside of work hours. then that's a real crush. you must define your terms.)

6. today i ate some cow and drank a real soda (i almost never do this anymore). it made me happy.

7. today i also used the term 'marijuana cigarette' without batting an eyelash. i feel that this means that i am a) antiquated and charming, b) some type of old-fashioned fuddy duddy, and/or c) in need of some type of intervention. (please be aware, however, that i am in no way interested in marijuana cigarettes for my own use. i was simply referencing them when someone asked the official meaning of the term 'doobie.')

thank you and goodnight.