Wednesday, March 05, 2008


okay, so apparently i've come down with some kind of stomach bug (i SINCERELY hope it is not as a result of the aforementioned parasitic worries), but seriously, i haven't felt well since monday night. yesterday i was a complete mess at work, but i managed to brave the storm. this morning, however, i just couldn't do it. i stayed at home to work because the thought of going into the office and dealing with wave after wave of nausea just wasn't cutting it.

i'm glad i remained at home. what bothers me, though, is that i'm still not feeling awesome. i really need to be back in the office tomorrow. i guess we'll see how that goes....

oh, and friday, i will - in all likelihood - have jury duty. party central, people.

blech blech blech. wish i had something more to say, but that'll have to do for now.



editorpoet said...

hope you feel better today! sorry you've been sick, but glad you've been blogging again!

Holly said...

whoa. was just catching up on your blog and see you wrote "blech, blech, blech." I wrote the same last night! I wasn't plagiarizing, I promise!