Tuesday, March 04, 2008

h 2 no

yesterday, there was a water main break somewhere downtown (pratt street, i think) and the water was all fouled up in the buildings in and around where i work. unaware of this all, i went to work as usual yesterday morning and, after arriving, went looking for ice. since the ice machine on my floor seemed to be broken, i went to the next floor up and got ice and water from their kitchen. no problemo.

then, mid-morning, i went to use the restroom and the water in all the toilets was a weird shade of brown, but what was coming out of the faucets seemed fine.

more than FOUR hours into the business day - after a bunch of us had been drinking that water, we get an e-mail telling us that the water - including what had come through the filtration system - was not to be consumed in any way. um, thanks. did it occur to anyone that this could cause serious health concerns??

and of course, wouldn't you just know that the vending machines were also completely out of water AND they weren't sure whether or not it would be fixed by today....

so basically, i'm praying to God that i don't die from some deadly parasite or what-not. i'm sure it's not helping me that i don't feel 100% right now anyway....

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Alexis said...

MFP was telling me the same thing last night, as he works in your building. So I am sharing your concern right now.