Wednesday, March 12, 2008

both sides of the coin

here are some things that make me happy:

1. the people at my favorite mexican restaurant all know me by sight and look genuinely happy to see me when i go there for dinner.
2. my bed is fixed, thanks to my awesome aunt and uncle (i've been sleeping on mattresses on the floor since september).
3. i'm still getting As in my classes.
4. i have cable movie channels :D.
5. my cleaning lady did her magic yesterday, so the apt. looks marvy.
6. feta cheese. 'nuff said.
7. my dear friend c at work came over to my desk today and kissed me on my forehead, just because he missed me.
8. i had two delightful squares of dark chocolate this afternoon.
9. i continue to process my mail and keep my place relatively tidy these days.
10. tomorrow is thursday, which means only 2 more workdays until the weekend!

here are some things that make me not so happy:
1. i have more homework than my sanity level and the # of hours in the day will allow me to accomplish.
2. i feel agitated nearly all the time by #1.
3. i'm also very busy at work, which is making #1 and #2 not so easy to take.
4. i'm pretty sure i'm grinding my teeth in my sleep these days.
5. i feel cranky and tired basically all the time (see #s 1 and 2).
6. my foot - which had been only experiencing dull pain for a couple of months (thanks to massive cortisone injection) is starting to smart again.
7. i just realized that i have even more homework due this week than i had originally thought (#1, kiss my butt).
8. tomorrow's not saturday..
9. based on my calculations, i won't really be able to take an actual vacation anytime soon.
10. i feel like crying (see #s 1-9).

i'm going to bed now. sometimes that's basically what's left.

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