Saturday, March 29, 2008


i'm baaaaaack. did you miss me, blog world? sorry - i think i've been buried under a mountain of homework for the last 2 weeks. i'm not really what you'd call 'better,' but i'm hanging in there....kicking butt in my marketing class so far, even though it's kicking MY butt at the same time.

my weekends lately have involved some leisure drives. after the impromptu trip to gettysburg two weeks ago, salimah and i nearly drove to the PA border of maryland yet again last weekend. i'm finding the need to get out of dodge more and more these days.

i have some pics still on my camera that i've been meaning to upload here for weeks on end. perhaps i'll get to that this weekend....

hope everyone had a wonderful easter and were able to spend it doing something other than what i was doing (working on a powerpoint). i'm about to tuck in for the night (after a long pre-homework nap), but i may be back sooner than you think!

:) *thank God it's friday night/saturday morning!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

four score and 100 bucks later

yesterday, after getting bella's oil changed and doing homework for a few hours, i went and picked up salimah at her apt. and we decided to drive to westminster. as we were getting closer, though, we saw a sign for gettysburg and decided to keep going. spring drive, sunshine, outlets - what's not to like?

so we made our way up some lovely country roads, even stopping along the way at this awesome little pottery shop where i procured a very unique pitcher/gravy boat-looking container in this glazey honey brown. so pretty.

once we arrived in gettysburg, we made a beeline for the outlet shops, parked at one end, and proceeded to wind our way down to the other, going in and out of stores along the way. in addition to a kitchen shop where i bought a few random little items, we found this awesome leather outlet where i scored not one but TWO new bags with matching wallets. i'm telling you - leather is like a drug to me sometimes. i am ALL about the handbags.

so, i dropped a bit of cash. after that, we made our way back to the car (after a very awkward incident in a public restroom wherein a very elderly woman asked me to help her with her pants), drove through historic gettysburg, decided that we are DEFINITELY coming back for a long weekend, and then drove the country road right back to home, stopping at this little 'greek' place on the way (the food was only mediocre).

the bottom line is that i needed a day away from schoolwork. i'm just tired all the time lately and i'm tired of being so tired. getting to drive in the sun and the air may have set my allergies ablaze, but it was SO worth it just to forget about due dates and papers and analyses and business plans, if only for an afternoon.

and now it is sunday night and after spending an entire day working on school stuff, i'm spent yet again. monday morning mocks me. i shall mock it back by getting into my very warm bed and zonking out like a champ.

just watch me.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

both sides of the coin

here are some things that make me happy:

1. the people at my favorite mexican restaurant all know me by sight and look genuinely happy to see me when i go there for dinner.
2. my bed is fixed, thanks to my awesome aunt and uncle (i've been sleeping on mattresses on the floor since september).
3. i'm still getting As in my classes.
4. i have cable movie channels :D.
5. my cleaning lady did her magic yesterday, so the apt. looks marvy.
6. feta cheese. 'nuff said.
7. my dear friend c at work came over to my desk today and kissed me on my forehead, just because he missed me.
8. i had two delightful squares of dark chocolate this afternoon.
9. i continue to process my mail and keep my place relatively tidy these days.
10. tomorrow is thursday, which means only 2 more workdays until the weekend!

here are some things that make me not so happy:
1. i have more homework than my sanity level and the # of hours in the day will allow me to accomplish.
2. i feel agitated nearly all the time by #1.
3. i'm also very busy at work, which is making #1 and #2 not so easy to take.
4. i'm pretty sure i'm grinding my teeth in my sleep these days.
5. i feel cranky and tired basically all the time (see #s 1 and 2).
6. my foot - which had been only experiencing dull pain for a couple of months (thanks to massive cortisone injection) is starting to smart again.
7. i just realized that i have even more homework due this week than i had originally thought (#1, kiss my butt).
8. tomorrow's not saturday..
9. based on my calculations, i won't really be able to take an actual vacation anytime soon.
10. i feel like crying (see #s 1-9).

i'm going to bed now. sometimes that's basically what's left.

Friday, March 07, 2008


tomorrow (well, today, technically) i have jury duty. i don't mean to be a whiner, but i really don't wanna go. i've never done it before and because it's baltimore city, i guess i just expect it to be a pain in the rear. who knows? maybe they'll surprise me....but i'm not holding my breath.

in other news, i feel like i'm underneath a mountain of homework and i'm trying to dig my way out from the inside. it doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime before, say, july '09. what will i do with myself when i don't have all this crap to do all the time? oh, right. sleep? read for pleasure? watch a movie without feeling guilty about all the other stuff i ought to be doing? yeah. i'll get back to you on that one.

anyway, i'll be sure to report in with tales of adventure from my day at court. stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


okay, so apparently i've come down with some kind of stomach bug (i SINCERELY hope it is not as a result of the aforementioned parasitic worries), but seriously, i haven't felt well since monday night. yesterday i was a complete mess at work, but i managed to brave the storm. this morning, however, i just couldn't do it. i stayed at home to work because the thought of going into the office and dealing with wave after wave of nausea just wasn't cutting it.

i'm glad i remained at home. what bothers me, though, is that i'm still not feeling awesome. i really need to be back in the office tomorrow. i guess we'll see how that goes....

oh, and friday, i will - in all likelihood - have jury duty. party central, people.

blech blech blech. wish i had something more to say, but that'll have to do for now.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

h 2 no

yesterday, there was a water main break somewhere downtown (pratt street, i think) and the water was all fouled up in the buildings in and around where i work. unaware of this all, i went to work as usual yesterday morning and, after arriving, went looking for ice. since the ice machine on my floor seemed to be broken, i went to the next floor up and got ice and water from their kitchen. no problemo.

then, mid-morning, i went to use the restroom and the water in all the toilets was a weird shade of brown, but what was coming out of the faucets seemed fine.

more than FOUR hours into the business day - after a bunch of us had been drinking that water, we get an e-mail telling us that the water - including what had come through the filtration system - was not to be consumed in any way. um, thanks. did it occur to anyone that this could cause serious health concerns??

and of course, wouldn't you just know that the vending machines were also completely out of water AND they weren't sure whether or not it would be fixed by today....

so basically, i'm praying to God that i don't die from some deadly parasite or what-not. i'm sure it's not helping me that i don't feel 100% right now anyway....

Sunday, March 02, 2008

to market, to market

okay, so i've been out of commission blog-wise for the last 10 days. please forgive. i had grand plans to update the blogging world on my whereabouts and what-not, but it just hasn't happened. my one and only excuse lately is grad school. i promise it's for reals.

speaking of all of that, i finished my international biz class (thank God!) and have moved on to marketing. so far (and we're about to start week 2), i can say with some assurance that if you want to see me in the next 7 weeks, you're going to have to cross paths with me somehow, because my workload is immense. do these people think i don't work full-time or something? good grief.

let's see. what else can i tell you?

oh, well, tonight i made rice pudding in my awesome le creuset dutch oven (red, no less). i have some pictures of a righteous scrabble tourney salimah and i had last weekend (as well as photos of the aforementioned le creuset), but i haven't downloaded them from the camera yet. friday night i made a salad of orzo pasta, grilled shrimp, cherry tomatoes, feta, fresh parsley, and arugula in a lemon vinaigrette with salty greek olives on the side and chocolate lava cakes for dessert. my friend kim came over, and we ate and played mexican train dominoes (super fun! and she gave me my own set as a gift:)). i'm slowly getting myself addicted to caffeine again. and again, i blame grad school. my apartment is still very tidy. i'm amazed at myself. ask salimah. she's amazed, too. work is still going well and i had my first performance evaluation, during which my boss told me that she's thrilled to have me working there. what a welcome change! and to cap off my non-sequiturish paragraph, i'm moderately obsessed with watching 'the mirror has two faces' in my 'spare' (ha!) time.

now then, off to read 50 pages of some guru's business book before bed (alliteration!). tomorrow i have a teleconference at 7 to work with my group for class. i'm the president of our mock company, so i'll be running the meeting. guess i better find a way to skim through ALL the reading before then, eh? wish me well!