Sunday, February 10, 2008

sunday afternoon, a.k.a. i'm trying to avoid writing this paper that's due tonight

i am sitting here at my desk with not one but two computers, nails painted red, dust up my nose (not on purpose), and kate walsh spinning her folksy tunes in my ears. earlier, there was an hour-long blizzard, all evidence of which has melted. the wind is whipping outside, though, and i suspect that the temperature has dropped at least 15 degrees from this morning....

i don't know if i mentioned this already, but given my ridiculous schedule of late (and desire for sleep over scrubbed sinks), i decided to bite the bullet and hire a cleaning woman. a good friend of mine uses this local service and their estimates for monthly cleaning were at least 30 bucks cheaper than any of the more well-known companies, so i decided that it's worth me shelling out some of my cash once every four weeks to ensure that someone is caring about that grout of mine.

grout. that just sounds grimy.

anyway, the impending visit by said cleaning woman means that i've needed to tidy things up a bit (okay, a lot). man. can i just say - i accumulate so much mail, it's sickening. so much, in fact, that i've gotten inspired to sign up for a free service that contacts your catalog-sending merchants and tells them to put the kibosh on the madness. catalogs stress me out - especially ones that promote sales. there's this part of my ocd brain that thinks to myself that thing is one sale; shouldn't i keep this catalog in case i decide i want to buy it? i might miss out otherwise! and the truth is that i don't need whatever the items are and NEVER EVEN BUY THEM ANYWAY because i know i don't need them. but the catalogs? they wind up on the coffee table for the next three months because i move on with my life and who needs to think about them again?

of course, then they're in my way when i'm sitting in the living room at said coffee table penning some pithy homework assignment (ha!) and then they have to get moved to the floor to make room for my laptop. then a new pile of crap is created that then gets other stuff stacked on top of it - like a tissue box or some other junk mail i don't have time to open yet. and then this pile of stuff that i DON'T NEED gets moved back and forth between the coffee table and the floor. and i'm telling you right now that, at some point, that pile is going to fall over and i'll wind up tripping over some part of it and then probably some of it will get kicked under the couch. six months (or more) from now, i'll find that thing and wonder why i needed a home decorating catalog anyway. see what i mean? this has to end.

off the topic, do you know what i love? a series of books lined up on my desktop like soldiers, standing at the ready to provide some much-needed reference information at any moment. that makes me happy, even if the reality is that they just stand there collecting dust.

also, it may not shock anyone to know that i had a coffee earlier. it gave me a caffeine high that caused me to sharpen every colored pencil i own and then divide my writing implements into sections: red pens (i have a lot); blue/black/green pens; mechanical and regular pencils; wet-erase markers (those are with the pencils for now); highlighters; and sharpies. you should be proud of me, really. in an effort at minimalism, i resisted the temptation to put out my colored pencils. those are tucked away in a pencil bag in the bottom drawer of my desk. :)

now the caffeine high has passed and what i'm really wishing for is a nap. i know i don't deserve one....i have perfected procrastination today and what i NEED is some whip-cracking. unfortunately, a sleepy woman who's been up since 7 on a sunday does not make for a hardcore taskmaster. wish me luck. oh, cafe au lait, you taunt me so.

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