Saturday, January 26, 2008

i just kept using the word 'implications'

i must warn you: i am currently out of my mind with exhaustion, but i just wanted to say something. i'm tired. no. not just tired.

i'm FREAKING tired. i'm so tired, my head hurts and my eyes are a little blurry and i can't think of any verbs. verbs? and nouns? who needs those? i do! i just finished a homework assignment (yes, at 12:40 a.m.) and let me tell you - verbs and nouns are VERY hard to come by after a certain hour....that hour being 9 p.m., apparently.

yeah, so me and my lack of nounage and verbage, we're going to bed. and when i say bed, i mean to lie in bed and zone while my cable spurts out something on the food network. on nights like this, when i've been going at a fast clip to get something turned in on time (which i did by 90 minutes, thank you very much), i have to use the noise from the tube to shut my brain off completely. and let me tell you, even the dulcet (nay, brash) tones of ms. rachael ray can't keep me from dreaming tonight.


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