Tuesday, January 29, 2008

here are some things you should know, in no particular order (aka, listy):

1. i love pears and blue cheese in salad and on flatbread pizzas and other such goodies.
2. a margarita made with fresh citrus juice instead of that cloying sour mix is marvy.
3. one of the best feelings in the world is coming home from work and being able to take off the stuff of the day (clothes, shoes, make-up) and just veg.
4. i'm an academic kind of girl but not super bookish. i'd rather talk and listen than read.
5. colbie caillat has been singlehandedly responsible for a lot of hits to my blog over the last couple of months (especially people visiting from europe - hello to the irish, the dutch, and anyone else from across the pond!).
6. speaking of music and things from across the pond, i have a corinne bailey rae song stuck in my head and i keep listening to the soundtrack from the movie 'once' over and over again.
7. facebook is highly enjoyable.
8. u.s. news and world report keeps coming to my apartment addressed to me, but i never subscribed to it. what is the meaning of this?
9. some days i feel like i'm getting the hang of my new job.
10. some days i can't believe i'm 32.
11. this is one of those days.


abbersnail said...

1. If I could make a living convincing people of the amazingness of these things, I would be in heaven.
2. The first time I ever used sour mix, I was really sad. My granddad always makes drinks with real citrus. I am spoiled.
6. This is totally going around. I cannot stop. GAH!
9. Me too.

Holly said...

I got a few Radar magazines addressed to me a while back. I figure as long as they're not charging me, they can send me whatever recylable materials the want...