Friday, January 25, 2008


apparently, i developed some type of viral ick over the weekend, because i took my very first sick day on tuesday due to stomach distress. things were not good in there, people. not good.

anyway, since then, it's been lingering a bit. i feel run down, unsettled. i'm hopeful that i'm turning an actual corner, however. this morning i feel a bit more like my normal self than yesterday, so that's a good thing.

i realized something the other night: my life is very, very repetitive right now. not particularly interesting but very busy and very, very repetitive. see how repetitive it is? how many times can i say the word repetitive? you feel me.

i don't know....i'm just, kinda bored. and how can i be bored when i'm so busy? exactly. it's because i have plenty to do ALL the time, but it's the same kind of thing week in, week out. work, work, work. that gets tedious after awhile. and i know it doesn't behoove me to feel this way, since i'm only in my second semester of grad school, but seriously, i hope i can make it to the end, because right now i just don't FEEL like i want to go the distance.

now, that's my emotions talking. the rest of me will tell you that i'm not about to invest my money into this and not see it to completion. nuh uh. but if i may be the proverbial child kicking and thrashing about on her bed in indignance for a moment, I DON'T WANNA!

ahem. okay, thanks. i feel a little better. anyway, i'm on the clock here, so i should get back to work. i just needed a brief blog break. so, hello, blog world. nice to see ya.

now then, as you were.

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