Monday, December 10, 2007

good-bye baltimore, hello la-la-land!

tomorrow morning VERY early i'm leaving crabcake corners for the land of paris hilton. well, i'm not actually going there to see her...more like the people i work with...but i'm keenly aware that this is where pretty woman dropped some serious bank and picked up richard gere while wearing that carol channing wig. in other words, it's not quite like home. i'll be super interested to see what i think of it. will keep you all posted!

i need to finish packing my bag and then i must get to bed. 4 a.m. comes mighty early.

see ya, east coast. be home soon.

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Sarah H. said...

Hey Sarah! This is the other Sarah Hedges (from California)..still reading your blog : )

LA is pretty trippy, It's all show...if you aren't "In the biz" most people can only live there about 8 years without going insane.Fun to visit though
It kind of feels like the akward years in highschool really...Who's who...
anxious to see what you think of it.