Saturday, November 10, 2007

...who am i to disagree?

the other night i was dating john cusack. no really, he was so sweet. then last night, i attended a large convention run by a guy from a former church of mine, and i was there cuddling with my ex-boyfriend and then i wound up driving down a dirt road with one half of a married couple i know, and there were weird things involving windows in the house in which we were staying that needed to be replaced. then eventually i went to the home of my former boss who was apparently married to this doctor i also used to work for. he said to me, 'type up this dictation, won't you, sarah?' i looked at him and said, 'dr. ___, i'm not your secretary, okay?' he looked truly ashamed of himself and went off to the room in the basement where he lived to sulk.

there was a BUNCH of other weird stuff going on, but i think that gives you enough of a taste to the inner workings of my tres bizarre psyche. devika, feel free to analyze;)

in other news, today my friend maria gets hitched! i'm off to new jersey, folks....

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Devika said...

no interpretation needed. Only you can really know what it means. Half the time, I think my dreams are just my brain processing things I may have only fleetingly thought about in my waking hours.