Monday, November 05, 2007

serenaded at the salad bar, adventures in sushi, etc.

allow me to attempt to summarize the last week of my life, in brief....

1. got a flu shot last monday. had the aches all week, although they seem to be gone now (fingers crossed).
2. started my new job on tuesday. such a different environment - which is a good thing. the people i work with/for all seem great and very knowledgeable - also a VERY good thing. i'm looking forward to learning a lot and contributing to something i believe in. i would say the only downside at this point is that my cube is quite tiny and sits on a major thoroughfare, so the noise can be a bit much, but i'm hopeful that i'll get to move at some point within the next few months. no biggie.
3. friday i was in whole foods getting a salad for lunch when i saw this man standing next to me. i kept thinking to myself, that man looks exactly like michael feinstein, the singer/pianist. so i went up to him and said, excuse me, has anyone ever told you that you look like someone? he nodded. michael feinstein? i asked.
yes, that's me, he said.
i admit that i got a tiny bit exuberant at this point and half-shouted, i love you! i have your gershwin album! he seemed genuinely pleased to hear this and we chatted for a moment about what he was doing in town, etc. when i told him that i missed his concert, like, 7 years ago because i had gotten sick, he looked me dead in the eye and started serenading me! embrace me, my sweet embraceable you....embrace me, you irreplaceable you.... honestly, how great is that?!
he was lovely and charming and i was bummed not to be able to see him at the BSO this weekend, but perhaps next time. michael feinstein, you made my week!
4. saturday was a sushi hana throwdown with salimah and my friend kim. i just love it delish. so when dinner was over, we were all feeling like we wanted a little something sweet. we asked our waitress what kind of ice cream they had. she started rattling off a list of sorbets: coconut, mango, etc. and then she got this excited look on her face and said, and we have egg-soddy-bumble! the three of us all said it after her....egg. soddy. bumble?
it turned out to be an exotic bomba, which was sorbet covered in two kinds of chocolate. we all passed, but let me tell you. egg soddy bumble will never get old. welcome to the repertoire.
5. week 1 of my new class is down, 7 more to go.
6. i'm gonna be late for work if i don't get a move on.
7. the end!

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