Thursday, October 04, 2007

" make me smile / please stay for awhile now..."

into every person's life a little craziness must fall. i know, because it's happened to me a lot over the last 32 years. it's something to which i've become quite accustomed, so i wind up expecting it....

lately, however, my life has flipped the script on me. things that normally would take extra steps or the jumping over of obstacles to attain have been practically falling into my lap. and just when i think things couldn't get better, then they do. and it's happened in nearly every area of my life over the last 3 months. i'm trying not to analyze it too much; i don't want to question or complicate. i'm just letting things be what they are.

and man, does it EVER feel good....

stay tuned. in the coming weeks i hope to be able to share more specifics....but not just yet. some things are still too new to give a name. but i'm happy. i'll just say that. and really, isn't that enough?

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