Friday, October 26, 2007

move along

so it seems that i had sunk down into a hole and somehow over the last 24 hours, i’ve managed to pull myself back up out of it. part of my issue has been that i’ve been in pain, and although i’ve been used to it being a part of my life for awhile now, it’s gotten worse of late, and that was starting to really wear on me. i think as soon as i had enough downtime to realize this, it started to discourage me rather much.

but you know what? i’ll keep going. that’s what there is to do in just keep going. if you even KNEW how significant of a statement that is in my family, you’d smile along with me right now.

even when your hope is gone, move along, move along just to make it through....

there was a time in my life where i needed to take some time…to NOT keep going. to keep going, in fact, felt so antithetical to any real progress in my life. now, however, i’ve become my mother and her mother and her mother before her. i get slapped with something unpleasant, and i fix my hair, straighten my collar, and get on with it. life might give you lemons, but instead of taking time to make lemonade, i throw them in a bag and decide i’ll deal with that later. ecclesiastes still reminds me that there’s a time for EVERY purpose under heaven—a time to deal and a time to refrain from dealing.

and outside the window of the starbucks where i’m sitting, the rain is pouring down and there are a lot of questions still left unanswered and me? i’m fine. because right now my purpose is to plow through. plow through every disappointment and heartache and bad day and pain in my foot and pain in other places and just. keep. going.

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